Hosting Solutions

Store your new mining rig at one of our facilities and make your investment truly hands free. Have our specialized technicians maintain, manage, and update software while monitoring hardware to ensure both maximum profitability and continuous uptime.


We understand at Moe's Crypto that energy is an important consideration in the construction of a mining rig. We will be sure to give you all the necessary information to provide the correct amount of power required for your cryptocurrency mining rig.


Our solutions cater towards individuals or businesses interested in starting a mining operations without the hassle of managing it. Our trained technicians handle all of the operational setup and maintenance, ensuring that your investments remain hands off

Long Term Passive Income

While the crypto market is known to be volatile, crypto currency mining is an incredible way to dollar cost average your portfolio. Whether the market is up or down, receive consistent crypto deposits and grow your portfolio. As the market increases, so does your entire investment portfolio, along with profitability. Our $19,000 rigs averaged a 70% APR in 2021.

What is a mining rig?

Hosting SIgnup


ASIC Miners

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Gpu mining rigs and hosting

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Seamless Install

Our goal is to make your purchase smooth and simple. See your rig appear on your app as soon as it is completed. Our technicians handle every step to ensure that your mining operation is easy to start and scale.

Affordable Hosting

We charge 15% of monthly revenue per month for mining rig hosting. Our cheap electricity cost allows users to pay less than if they were hosting at home. This cost also includes full 24/7 onsite maintenance. You'll also even be able to see your rig through one of our proprietary cameras supplied with each rig!

Hand Off Investment

When you host your rig with us, we handle everything at our facility. Simply monitor your rig's production through the app without worrying about maintenance or downtime.






Arrived in a few days .. Works great, ordered in the usual way and it goes smooth. Very satisfied.

Rami Shams

Perfect! I was amazed with the quality and delivery. Thanks a lot. Highly recommended to everyone. Loved the brand concept.

Calee Savu

They are working smooth for a long time, the quality is excellent, beautiful rig. I am in love with them and will surely shop again soon.

John Feliz